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Our firm SWS Forsche is such factory, which specialize in inspired relations in trade between the West and the ?ast. We trade in the various industrial goods and now, in particular, repair parts for machine tools. We trade in a direction of the East where we improve our old, already stable relations and constantly we get new contacts. We give good chances of an exit of the goods of the markets of the states CIS and we promote its unobstructed traffic to the end user.

We are specializing in the following directions at the moment:

We have found also Universalöl to care of metal and many other things in industry sphere, together with for machine tools. Ballistol it is variously applied at manufacturing of machines and the tool, forms an alkaline protective film on metals and protects thus from corrosion. Ideally for leaving of all industrial goods!

Our knowledge of east market, its laws, language and mentality, can be very useful to you.

We will be very glad to partnership with you to open new chances and possibilities with you together!

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