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About us

We chose our own path in life!

One old saying says “If one doesn’t know his own harbor, not even the wind can help him!” If you don’t know where you want to be, where you want to go, and what you want…how will you know which path will take you there?

We are such a community that not only we can answer “What we want”, but also, “What we do not want.”

But the most important question remains “WHOM do we want to be?” and not, “How much money do we want to make?” If you have a lot of money, but do not know, Who you are in reality, then your money does not mean much, because money doesn’t really make you happy, but loving what you do does.

We have a clear understanding of this and we spend a lot of time thinking about these various questions.

About money? Of course! For example, “How much money would we like to make/have to have a chance to invest it in us, our lifestyle as well as others?” Or with what do we work the best? With people...or technology? What do we have to do to reach the path given to us by God? And at the same time be successful, develop ourselves and our business further, to always have new chances and perspectives, and not just minimize our losses but also be able to give more...?
About lives?! Yes! For example: “Why would we want to live this LIFE? How much of our life is taken with work, how do we feel about this work and how do we do this work? How does family, partners, competitors fit into this?---For us there is no one left behind! It is very simple!

Rich people are wealthy not always because of their education but mostly based on their thoughts and their actions.
So we completely agree with this and we know what we want and where we want to go, and you?
We would love to meet you, our future PARTNER!

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